Friday, May 16, 2008

Kline for DA?

Both the Kansas City Star and are running stories of a possible Phill Kline run for JoCo DA. And just when the people of Kansas had come to believe he was history... Not only did Kline lose statewide in 2006, he lost Johnson County. It was the JoCo GOP who "elected" him to complete Paul Morrison's DA term. Voters as a whole were outraged.

Since becoming JoCo DA, KCTV (Kansas City's CBS affiliate) aired an investigative report on Kline. Turns out, he didn't really want to be back in JoCo. Instead, Kline and his family remained residents of Topeka, in violation of Kansas statute.

When he wasn't refusing KCTV-5 access to the courthouse (in retaliation), Kline was waisting time and tax dollars to further his personal crusade against legally obtained abortions. This month, the Kansas Supreme Court unsealed documents which revealed that Kline had spent much of 2007 in Topeka responding to two lawsuits filed by former AG Morrison and Planned Parenthood, who sued Kline to retrieve evidence.

With all these points against him (and that's only a year and a half's worth), should Kline run? Why not? Already in the race are Republican Steve Howe and Democrat Rick Guinn, former Johnson County prosecutors. Howe has secured most of the heavy endorsements on the Republican side, ensuring that to be in the general election, Kline will likely file unaffiliated. If that splits the Republican base in JoCo...well, you can just imagine those November results.